Monday, June 23, 2008

Jon Hansen

Jon was hard to document because he's so dang fast.

On his last leg, he flew down the first two miles doing less than a 6 minute mile. When he saw the first uphill, he probably thought that he was done for. He managed to keep a good pace even though his leg was really long (6.9 miles).

Everyone seemed to be walking at this point. Not our man........he has some will power. Way to go!
Future Iron Man

1. How long did you train and what did you do to train? I didn't really train. I ran twice during the 9 months preceding the race. Prior to that I ran a marathon so I was in OK shape from that still.
Why did you pick your particular leg? A trade - one of the other guys asked me to trade with his legs so I did.
What did you enjoy the most about your experience? The team nature of the event. Working with the team to accomplish such a task is a lot of fun.
Share something funny that happened to you during the weekend or something you thought was humorous. While trying to see if the car keys were close to Chris Sepp, who was sleeping in a gym with many other runners, I realized I was looking through someone's stuff whom I didn't know. What made it worse was he woke up while I was looking at his bag. He was obviously pretty confused/annoyed. I didn't say anything - I just quietly walked away like nothing happened.
How do you feel you did on your legs? OK, my last leg about killed me. I am still walking funny as a result.
Would you do it again? Of course!
Share a highlight of your experience or something you want to say about the race I just love how it can bring a team together working to accomplish something great.

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