Monday, June 23, 2008

Chris Ericson

This is Chris E. tackling a hill with the awesome Mr. Trevor supporting him with water.

Because of Chris' obsessive compulsive behavior of having to breathe in sync with his steps, he refused to drink any of the water we offered him. He didn't want to lose his rhythm. Forgive us for trying to keep you from dropping dead of dehydration.

This is Chris on his last leg to the finish line. At mile 2 we offered him water but he waved us off. He did grab a water bottle off the corner, drank some and threw the rest into some random van he thought was us. Ooopps!! At mile 3 he said he was dying for water. He finally would of taken some but since there was no access to the trail he was running, we took off to the finish line to meet him. Sorry.
This was his second run. He had some nice views including a hot mama that passed him up. There's nothing better than a cute, little tush to keep you going.

Last baton pass.

1. How long did you train and what did you do to train? I ran a few nights a week over the past few months, each night ranging from 3 to 6 miles. Though, I will definitely train more in the mountains for next year.
2. Why did you pick your particular leg? My wife picked it for me when she told me I needed to lose weight. - jk, I got lucky to have more mountains, lakes and average distances.
3. What did you enjoy the most about your experience? Being with friends and my wife on an adventure.
4. Share something funny that happened to you during the weekend or something you thought was humorous. The moment I realized (3 hours later) that I threw my waterbottle into a moving van that I thought was my team's, but was actually a complete stranger that just happened to be driving by with the window down. I guess the heat was really getting to my sanity.
5. How do you feel you did on your legs? I want to be more in shape with the high altitude. I think my legs were strong enough, just not my lungs. I loved the lake run and the run to the top of Snow Basin Resort, those were gorgeous views. (Not just because of the the girl running by me on the lake btw. :P )
6. Would you do it again? I am definitely in for next year! No doubts at all.
7. Share a highlight of your experience or something you want to say about the race. I really enjoyed being out there, I was sad that we didn't see the other Van more often, but it was great to get to know my coworkers better and grudge through a great adventure with my wife alongside me. Next year my focus will be, more water, more sleep and better training for high altitude.

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