Monday, June 23, 2008

Brandon John

1. How long did you train and what did you do to train? I ran 4-5 miles about 3-4 times a week and an occasional longer run on weekends. I trained since I first learned I was on the team around the first of March.
2. Why did you pick your particular leg? Picking was easy, I stepped into Matt Connor's shoes.
3. What did you enjoy the most about your experience? The team and especially all of Jim's lame jokes (j/k). I really enjoyed the scenery and the feeling of accomplishment after it was all finished.
4. Share something funny that happened to you during the weekend or something you thought was humorous. When we were meeting up at the 2nd major exchange point, right before we saw Chris E., we passed a runner in whitey-tighties and a cape and Laura and Kenya shouted out to him, and he immediately jumped into character and covered his nipples and gave us a surprised face - it was pretty funny. Also on Chris P's 1st leg, Jim had given everyone we regularly passed nicknames, such as "tan girl" and "big hair" - also very funny.
5. How do you feel you did on your legs? I think I did okay with the amount of training I had.
6. Would you do it again? Yes, definitely.
7. Share a highlight of your experience or something you want to say about the race. Each exchange point was the highlight for me, it was fun how there was always action going on w/ someone on our team.

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