Monday, June 23, 2008

Laura Dalbey

How long did you train and what did you do to train? oops! I didn't train.... I ran the Colorado Marathon at the beginning of May, and since then have been running approx 5 miles a day 5 days a week. Would have been a good idea to have done a couple 'two-a-days"
2. Why did you pick your particular leg? i am better at longer distances, and not good at running up mountains, better at running down them
3. What did you enjoy the most about your experience? all of it, this was my first race of this kind. I loved how all the van's were decorated, I really liked the people in the van with me.
4. Share something funny that happened to you during the weekend or something you thought was humorous. too much, everyone in the van was awesome. the whole time was fun
5. How do you feel you did on your legs? probably would have been a good idea to have stretched a bit after each leg. My legs were not happy when i ran the third time, they felt very heavy... i feel bad for van 2.
6. Would you do it again? YES
7. Share a highlight of your experience or something you want to say about the race. finishing... meeting new people, seeing how beautiful Utah is. The race was so well organized and fun.

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